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Software Engineer - IoT Devices

Software Engineer - IoT Devices


The Mission:

Elemental Machines is here to transform the BioTech landscape, starting with how scientists get things done in labs everywhere. Our mission is to deliver a LabOps platform to take the BioTech industry through the next seismic shift in how science happens.

Remember when big companies hosted all of their own server architecture in their basements? It wasn't that long ago: the days of SysAdmins, spotty reliability, the necessity to have someone onsite 24/7, and generally all the headaches that came along with managing your entire hardware and software stack in-house.

Then came platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud to move hardware management off-prem and provide unified platforms for software development; like that, the field of DevOps was born. 

Why are we talking about PaaS? Simple: the same paradigm shift that hit System Administration15 years ago is coming for BioTech next, and Elemental Machines is at the cutting edge of that shift. We engineer all of our IoT hardware, firmware, and software in-house to build a seamless all-in-one platform that accelerates science without getting in the way.

If you're interested in coming on board to help update how science gets done, read on below.

The Culture:

Elemental Machines is a startup company based in Cambridge, MA, and we love it here! Being right next to some of the most innovative companies in the IoT and BioTech industries gives us drive and passion to pursue our own big goals, while enabling other companies to pursue theirs. 

We are committed to delivering on our promise to our customers: accelerate how they get science done. This commitment touches every level of our culture, because we are excited every day to stretch our creativity in balancing the needs of our customers with the resources at our disposal, and to thoughtfully interact with our peers to keep our mission on track.

Sound like something you might be interested in? Read on to learn more about how you can contribute to the mission...



As a Software Engineer on the IoT Devices team, you are writing code, designing and documenting your architectural choices, and working closely with engineering and customer success to ensure seamless integration of your work with the rest of our system.

You are comfortable with learning about and contributing to any level of the system, from low-level Linux kernel modules, to OO code in Python, to UI/UX interfaces, to unit and system integration tests. Before you come on board, you should have:


  • a BS degree in Computer Science, Electrical/Computer engineering, or a related field,

  • 3+ years of experience writing and shipping good code in a team environment,

  • a deep understanding of OOP, threading principles, and diverse design principles,

  • object-oriented Python experience, 

  • strong proficiency with git,

  • ability to work out of our Cambridge, MA offices, and

  • a nose for architecture, and willingness to touch any level of our stack


If you have any experience with the following, let us know, we’d love to hear about it:

  • experience interacting with hardware / low-level protocols (e.g. I2C, UART, Modbus, CAN, etc.)

  • Docker experience

  • experience writing and maintaining CI/CD pipelines

  • experience building services in AWS or GCP

  • experience with front-end development, Javascript, HTML, ReactJS, etc.

We are currently reviewing applications on a rolling basis, so when you are ready, just apply!


To Apply:

Please send your cover letter & resume to and be sure to put the job title you are applying for in the subject line. 


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