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Elemental Machines Welcomes 5 New Asset Integrations

Elemental Machines Welcomes 5 New Asset Integrations

Another day, another slate of integrations from Elemental Machines. Today, we’re thrilled to unveil the five newest asset integrations for our Universal LabOps Platform. These cutting-edge tools include two incubators and a biological shaker from Eppendorf, a series of balances from Pioneer, and an ultrasonic sensor from IFM. Each is a productive asset fit for the leading lab; connected via Elemental Machines integration, each can become a cloud-connected data-collecting powerhouse.


Eppendorf CellExpert C170i

Monitor the temperature and CO2 levels inside your high-volume cell culture incubator from Eppendorf.

Eppendorf Innova S44i

Report temperature and RPMs from Eppendorf’s stackable incubator shaker.

Ohaus Pioneer

Supported models: PA1602, PX84, PX84E, PX124, PX124E, PX163, PX163E, PX224, PX224E, PX323, PX323E, PX523, PX523E

Automatically record mass measurements taken by the Pioneer series of balances from Ohaus.

IFM UGT507 Ultrasonic Sensor

Supported models: UGT 501, UGT 504, UGT 507

Keep a record of liquid level measurements down to the millimeter from IFM’s ultrasonic sensors.

Thermo Steri Cycle 370 Series

Monitor temperature, CO2 and relative humidity for this incubator from Thermo Scientific.



For more information on our newest integrations and the Elemental Machines platform, CONTACT US today!

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